Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Candidature for RWITC Elections 2009.

Dear Member,

Another year has gone by and we once again come to the Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd.’s Elections and the AGM to be held in the Members’ Enclosure at 4:00pm on Thursday, 17th December 2009.

Following my “letter of introduction” dated 27th August 2009, copy of which is enclosed herewith, I write to you this time requesting you for your valuable support and a vote in my favour for the seat on the Managing Committee of the RWITC Ltd. I hope you have been able to spare the time to peruse my earlier letter and consider my candidature.

If elected, I will always remain accessible to all members and racegoers, and will sincerely strive to look after the interests of the members, owners and racegoers who are the very backbone of the sport that we all love so much. I would love to dedicate myself, and pledge my time and effort to the improvement of the game and to propagate the sport in its proper light to bring back the crowds to enjoy the afternoon and give racing the importance and dignity it deserves.

Having been involved with all facets of the sport for over 2 decades along with my past experience of serving on the Managing Committee from 2002-2004 and as a Steward from 1999-2005, I sincerely feel that at 39, with the advantage of age on my side, I can contribute effectively to the working of our club and work towards keeping racing fair and clean.

I earnestly seek your support and will be most grateful for that privilege.

Sincerely yours,
Gautam Lala